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If you need more information, or you would like to engage our office to assist you, please contact us at info@zegarelli.com. * Certain information is dated, and, therefore, of historical interest only.

Articles - FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Article Description
Business Questions General Business Questions
Buying and Selling a Business Buying and Selling Businesses
Can Spam Act The Can Spam Act
Client Engagements Client Engagements
Computer Law Computer Law
Trademarks Trademarks

Index - Frequently Requested Documents

Article Description
Federal Trademark Process Explanation of the process for a Federal trademark registration, including the application and evaluation process
Maintaining a Trademark Registration Explanation of how to maintain a federal trademark registration
Trademark Monitoring Services Explanation of trademark monitoring services; unsolicited communications regarding maintaining a trademark registration

Index - General Documents

Federal Mark Process
Section 8/15 Filings
Trademark Monitoring Services

Index - Legal Subject Area

Business Organizations
Commercial Transactions
Creditor Rights and Bankruptcy
Estates and Trusts
Intellectual Property
Labor and Employment
Notary Services
Personal Injury
Real Estate
Reverse Mergers
Starting the Band-Music Law
Trade Secrets
Venture Capital

Index - Legal Links Master General Index

Chain 1, Intellectual Property
Chain 2, Business Organizations
Chain 3, Technology
Chain 4, Pennsylvania Laws
Chain 5, Commercial Transactions

Index - Legal Links, Business Organizations

Article Description
Choosing a Business Entity Introduction to corporations, partnerships, proprietorships
PA Statutory Close Corporations Introduction to PA statutory close corporations
The Corporate Structure Introduction to corporation structures
Franchising Introduction to franchising

Index - Legal Links, Commercial Law and Transactions

Article Description
Franchising Introduction to Franchising
Telephone Marketing Introduction to Telephone Marketing (Federal/PA)

Index - Legal Links, Computer and Technology

Article Description
Computer Crimes Introduction to computer crimes
COPPA Press Release Re Child Online Privacy Protection Act, COPPA
Copyrights Introduction to copyrights
Patents Introduction to patent law
Privacy Introduction to privacy law
Trademarks Introduction to trademark law
Trade Secrets Introduction to trade secrets
Right to Know Right to Know

Index - Legal Links, Intellectual Property

Article Description
Copyrights Introduction to copyright law
Eight Common Questions About Trademarks Commonly asked questions about trademarks
Federal Trademark Process
  Multiple Class Office Actions 
  Section 8/15 Filings 
  Monitoring Services 
The Federal trademark process
  Office Actions for Multiple Classes
  Section 8/15 Filings
  Monitoring Services
Maintaining a Federal Mark Registration Maintaining a federal mark registration
Patents Introduction to patent law
Privacy Law Introduction to privacy law
Trade Secrets Introduction to trade secrets
Trademarks Introduction to trademark law

Index - Legal Links, Pennsylvania Laws

Article Description
Contractor Payment Act Introduction to PA Contractor Payment Act
Mechanics Liens Introduction to PA Mechanics Liens
Plain Meaning Law Introduction to PA Plain Meaning Law
Sunshine Act Sunshine Act, PA Open Meeting Law
Tax Revisions Introduction to PA Tax Revisions
Telephone Marketing Introduction to Telephone Marketing (Federal/PA)
Right to Know Right to Know

Index - Our Pages

Our Clients
Career Paths
About Us
Contact Us

Index - Press Releases

Chicago Office Opens

Index - Table of Content Articles

Incorporate Today
Raising Capital
What It Takes

Index - More About Your Business

Buying and Selling a Business
Leasing Real Estate
Litigating Disputes
Protecting IP
Protecting Trade Names
Raising Capital
Starting a Business

Index - More About You

Buying and Selling a Home
Personal Injury
Preparing a Will

Index - More About Us

Engagement FAQs
Notary Services
Index - More About Your Business

Buying and Selling a Business
Leasing Real Estate
Litigating Disputes
Protecting IP
Protecting Trade Names
Raising Capital
Starting a Business
Index - Client Updates (Historical)

Article Description
Entrepreneurial Spirit® 20160207 FTC Advertising Guidelines
Entrepreneurial Spirit® 20160103 Crowdfunding
Entrepreneurial Spirit® 20140622 Washington Redskins Trademark
Entrepreneurial Spirit® 20140526 Under God in the Pledge of Allegiance
Entrepreneurial Spirit® 20131229 Bitcoins, Self-Publishing, Aesop for Business, Revenge Porn and Selfies, LLLC
People's Right to Sue Casino Upheld Litman v. Cannery Casino Upheld
Snooping Snooping
Stand for America®-Holmes and His Imbeciles (.htm) Stand for America-Holmes and His Imbeciles (.pdf)
Entrepreneurial Spirit® 20110820 FTC v. Ashton Kutcher
Entrepreneurial Spirit® 20110420 iPhone Snooping (.pdf)
Entrepreneurial Spirit® 20110420 Facebook Instant Personalization
Stand for America® The Chinese-American War (.pdf)
Stand for America® The Great Masquerade
Stand for America® Message to Garcia
Entrepreneurial Spirit 20100429 Arbitration, Integration Clauses, Anti-Paparazzi Law, The Zegarelli Commentary: The Monetary Sweat Standard-Part II
Entrepreneurial Spirit® 20091227
Stand for America®
2010 New Year Resolution: I Stand for America
Entrepreneurial Spirit® 20090917 Branding, Gun Control, Stop and Identify Laws, The Zegarelli Commentary: The Monetary Sweat Standard
Entrepreneurial Spirit® 20080824 Trademarks
00-04-29 Press Release COPPA Computer Law
97-02 Update 1996 Tax Update, World Wide Web
96-12 Update Corporate structure
95-12 Update Franchising
95-10 Update Sales Taxes
95-04 Update Getting Investors, Business Entity Risk Table
94-03 Press Release Chicago office opens
94-12 Update The Team, Client Directory, Checkmark Service
94-09 Update PA Tax Law Revision, Contractor Payment Act
94-01 Update PA Plain Meaning Law
93-08 Update General office information





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