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News Flash: The Chinerican Flag was approved by the United Nations to replace the American Flag [Resolution 9171787].
The relative size and placement of the national symbols represents relative national power.
The comments and correction period, being now expired, all objections are waived.
The U.N. has ruled it to be fair to both member nations and will enforce implementation immediately.

The Chinese-American War

Within 35 years, America and China will be at war.  Within 100 years, Americans will be speaking Chinese. 

Strike that statement.  Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, you will disregard that statement.  So, let us begin again:


There was once a man named, "Amerio." He was a strapping fine man, at 6 feet 5 inches tall, and 245 pounds of lean muscle.  God gave him his body, but he worked for his might and muscle. 

To supply that great frame of his, Amerio had to consume a lot of food.  But, Amerio was so busy enjoying his God-given gifts, he did not have time to do his own cooking.  So, Amerio ate out all the time.  It was expensive, but that was okay for Amerio.

One unusual benefit that Amerio had, was that he owned a distillery.  He had the best spirits ever produced, and he was proud of them.  Amerio had it all.

It is natural, of course, that others were envious of Amerio.  They said he imposed his greatness upon them with flaunts, but, in Beauty and the Beast Gastonian fashion, he said he just could not help it.

But, it came to be one day, that Amerio overextended his back.  Now, he could not exercise as he did.  The calories added up, and he started to look a bit fat and bloated.  Amerio still loved to eat out, because it was his habit to do so. 

Ultimately, Amerio could not afford to buy all of the food he loved to eat, so he looked for a restaurant that would feed him anyway. 

Remember, he still had spirits that he could trade.

Lo and behold, there was a new restaurant, called "Chino's."  It had a somewhat laughable reputation for its food, but the management was old-school solid.  In fact, very old school.

Amerio approached Chino's and asked if he could borrow to buy food.  He could pay by trading his spirits, which, at the time, were of the finest quality.

The Chino's management went into the back room to consider the question.  A few said, "Amerio's back will heal, and the conditions of trade will improve.  His spirits are the best."  Others countered, "No way, we don't trade our work for spirits." 

Then the elderly owner, a wise man, stroking his long beard, looked up and spoke:

We will do this trade.  Here is why: We have nothing right now, so we have nothing to lose.  Amerio is borrowing money from us.  We are loaning him money to buy the food we sell.  With each bite he takes to please his palate, we earn a profit from him. 

Not only that, but we are loaning him money.  So, we will also earn interest on that loan, and we earn another profit from him. 

We get two profits!  One profit as his manufacturer, and one profit as his lender.  We give this profit to our employees to improve their lives.

And, not only that, but, in selling him food, we learn more about what he wants and how to make it for people like him.  We will have the opportunity to improve our methods and to earn a reputation for quality.  We will continue to take our profits from Amerio and reinvest them into our equipment, infrastructure and marketing to others. 

We think ahead, and, in doing so, we have endured.

A young manager brashly retorted, "But, we earn profits that we do not collect.  We do not eat with debt to us."

And the wise man, with his eyes blazing, continued:

Then we do not eat!

We are not idiots -- we must learn.  Amerio grows fat, we remain lean and hungry.  Dinner for us will come slowly, over many years, but dinner will come.  Do you see it?  Amerio has some now, we will have more later.

We are a culture that has endured for thousands of years.  We are strong and powerful too.  The difference is that we are quiet, disciplined and humble.

Business is war.  We ambush.

We limit our consumption during the period that we supply Amerio his dinner.  Ultimately, we will earn the ability and reputation to supply many others. 

Think ahead!  In the end, Amerio will be indebted to us, and he will either repay to our profit, or he will become our slave.  All debtors are indentured to their creditors.

But, we shall keep it quite, because we are a strong, humble and disciplined people.  Being such, we have existed as a people for thousands of years.  We must keep it quiet.  It will take restraint.

We ambush when he is trapped. 

The young manager giggled, and they all kept it quite.

And, so it was for many years that Amerio happily ate Chino's food with Chino's continuing to accept Amerio's spirits.  With each delicious bite, Amerio smiled.  At the end of every sale, the Chino's employee said, "Yes, Sir.  Thank you.  Will you have another serving?   I am your servant.  Can I do anything to make the food better?  I want to please you."

Amerio was flattered with the treatment of a king.  Amerio grew fatter and more indebted. 

Over time, Amerio became so indebted to Chino's that Amerio became unsure that he could ever repay Chino's.  Amerio was so fat that he could no longer rely on this muscle and might, and he did not know how to cook.

All Amerio had left was his distillery.  But, even the distillery was operating at capacity.  How could Amerio continue to buy his food, as well as to repay the loan for yesterday's pleasures?

Amerio was not stupid.  What did he do?  Right!  He began to water-down the spirits with which he repaid Chino's.  At first, it was just a few drops of water, then more and more.  Amerio even brought in some very smart and educated people to give him bright ideas on how to formulate the watering down of Amerio's spirits.

Amerio thought:

Wow.  What an advantage I have that I can water-down the means with which I repay my debt!  No one else can do that!  I bought food yesterday for one bottle of my spirits, but I repay today with less than one bottle because it is watered down.

Sure, I am watering down my own spirits, but, I owe Chino's so much that they are absorbing a large part of my debt to them.  Perfect.

And Amerio giggled, and he kept it quite.

But, Chino's management was old-school, rock solid.  They knew that Amerio was watering down the spirits of his repayment, but Chino's business plan was still working.  So, Chino's endured the relationship with disciplined quiet restraint.

Now, it came to be that customers at Chino's began to complain.  Amerio's spirits no longer had their essence.  Too much water.  The Amerio spirits became too thin.

The Chino's management went into the back room to consider the question.  A few said, "We must stop trading with Amerio.  Does he think we're idiots?  He owes us his pure spirits, not his watered-down half-spirits." 

The elderly owner, as I said, was a very wise person.  He spoke:

We will continue this trade.  Here is why: We must distinguish the battle from the war.  Some battles are lost to serve the war.  Amerio is still buying a lot of our food.  We still earn a double profit at his expense.

If we crush him now, our production infrastructure cannot sustain.  We do not yet have enough customers to sustain the machine.  We have not yet completed building our restaurant infrastructure.  When our restaurant supply is nearly matched to our customer demand -- sustainable internally from ourselves and customers other than Amerio -- then, and only then, we strike. 

For any ambush, we must keep appearances for a time.  So, like a parent to a prodigal child, we will naturally issue some warnings to Amerio about his continued consumption and repayment methods, but we let it continue.  We are starting to prosper extremely well, and Amerio is failing.  We are now positioned for self-sustaining internal operations. 

Amerio will be indebted to us, and he will either repay to our profit, or he will become our slave.  All debtors are indentured to their creditors.

Do you see it now?

Just a little more time.

The young manager, now older and wiser, did not retort this time.  This time, he just giggled for the wisdom.  And, they all kept it quite.

35 years later...

Chino's built up its restaurant and its reputation.  In fact, Chino's was now producing superb quality food, recognized world-wide.  Chino's no longer needed Amerio's business.  Amerio was now old, fat and weak. 

Chino's now had so much extra money, that it started purchasing its spirits from others, such as Indias, for she had fine spirits that were yet pure.

Now that Chino's did not need Amerio as its customer, it stopped providing loans to Amerio for his unabated consumption.  Amerio's spirits production was at capacity just trying to pay back Chino's for yesterday's consumption, let alone producing enough to support his current living requirements. 

The elderly owner of Chino's was now dead, but that young manager was now the wise old leader, and he spoke:

Now, we strike.  Now, we eat.  It is time for our dinner.  We served long enough; now we will be served.  We have worked and waited.

And, so it came to be that Chino's called in the loan and demanded payments of pure Amerio's spirits.  But, Amerio could not comply.  Amerio's spirits now tasted more like spiced water.  Amerio defaulted.

But, there is no bankruptcy available in this story.  Amerio cannot go bankrupt.  

So, the manager of Chino's called Amerio and said:

Amerio, Chino's needs to foreclose on your homeland, your security for your debt to us.  You pledged your homeland as you took our food and ate.  Chino's did nothing wrong.  You ate and ate, and you borrowed and borrowed.  We served your every request!  We did everything you commanded of us!  We did exactly what you wanted us to do. 

Indeed, Chino's even quietly endured, and did a great favor for you, by accepting your watered-down spirits for so long. 

Please, we humbly ask you to give us your land now.  You promised.  Be just, true and fair, as you have always said to others, Amerio."

Amerio knew Chino's was correct, but he did not care. 

So, Amerio said, "Come and evict me."

"So be it," said Chino's manager, "we thought ahead for that response."


Business is war.  War is chess, a system of moves for the purpose of achieving an objective.  The person who thinks ahead, and thinks ahead more moves than the opponent, has the advantage.

Do we see it now?

There was a time that we wanted to have a standard of living for which we did not pay full value.  We bought that great shirt for half-cost by outsourcing the manufacturing to another country where the people were willing to make it for half the cost.  We proudly looked into the mirror and smiled deliciously at ourselves, and then we bought another.

Now, we are overextended.  We have no manufacturing.  We print watered-down dollar bills to pay back China, who loans us more money, so that we can pay our welfare and unemployment compensation.  We take our welfare and unemployment compensation checks to Wal-Mart and buy television sets made in China.  Perfect.

China makes twice the profit, which they take and buy us out of our land.  Maybe there is irony as we remember our American History: The fur traders directly, and our government quietly, gave the Native Americans alcohol.  Just insert a television into the formula.

We are not idiots.  Do we see it now?  For ourselves, do we see it?

Our government cannot say it, it would create a trade war.  Our government gives a tax break to buy automobiles, and we buy Kia's and Hyundai's.  Our government cannot tell us to buy a GM or a Ford.  But, I can say it, so I do. 

Yesterday is past.  Today and tomorrow, ask "Is there an American option?"  Ask and keep asking, and try.  Just try.  We have to pay back the debt, so it may be that the American option is more expensive.  Or, maybe we have to make more trips to service department for a GM.  What a pain that is for us.

But, the pain is going to come either way.  The wealth piled by the bondsman's fifty years of unrequited toil must be sunk somehow.  That pain is going to come either way. 

Each dollar paid for a foreign brand is a vote for the Chinerican Flag.  We start voting now, during the 2010 Holiday.  "Do I have an American option?"  Just ask.  Please.  It is an intelligent question by patriots and people who want to learn more.

We must think ahead.  Standing together.  Enduring together.  In our capitalist economy, our liberties are directly tied to the strength of our economy.

And, who will take up the bright idea and clever argument that we are now a world-inclusive economy?  Perfect.

How does that world-inclusive Chinerican Flag look?  Shall we go a little more yellow? 

Or, how about going more red?

Sure, if we do not think ahead, our sons and daughters will put a lot more red into the flag for us.

                                                                         -- Gregg Zegarelli

* The name of the publication is derived from a special publication of The Entrepreneurial Spirit,® entitled, "I Stand for America." The purpose of this publication is to provide a reflection upon the intersection of character, values, wisdom and traditional patriotism in the United States of America.  Did you miss an issue?  Click here.

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