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Career Paths at The Z e g a r e l l i Law Group

There are two ways to apply for a position for employment.  One method is to wait for a posted position to which you respond in the manner requested.  The other method is to submit your unsolicited resume and request consideration for a position.

Our firm is currently accepting resumes for the requested positions identified below.  You may also submit your resume and we will consider your request in due course.  In all cases, because of the volume of resumes we receive, please do not contact anyone by voice telephone at the firm to discuss your particular candidacy (although you may call about general information or about the process.  The firm is considering creating and/or filling the positions identified below, but they may or may not be filled in the firm's sole discretion. 

The firm has an excellent benefits package for attorneys and staff.

Position Date Description Min. Degree Comments Status
Lateral/ Partnership Now The firm is always open for opportunities to join with other attorneys in certain disciplines of law Contact us n/a Open
We regularly have open positions which we do not publicize for operational reasons.  Accordingly, please send us a resume if you are seeking a position.

* We accept only persons with exceptional credentials.  For administrative staff, we generally require an A grade point average.  For attorney/law clerk staff, we generally require top 25% of class.  For lateral hires and/or experienced attorneys, we require proven experience at a top rate of performance.  

In all cases, we require excellent references indicating excellent interpersonal skills, strong work ethic and a positive mental attitude.

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Upper St. Clair Administrative and Postal Office (All Post):
2585 Washington Road, Suite 134
• Summerfield Commons Office Park
Pittsburgh, PA  15241-2565 USA

Pittsburgh Office (No Post):
301 Grant Street, Suite 4300 • One Oxford Centre
Pittsburgh, PA 15219-1407 USA

For best response, please use email, info@zegarelli.com
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Legacy Voice: 412.833.0600
Legacy Fax: 412.833.0601

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