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About The Z e g a r e l l i Law Group

The Zegarelli Law Group is a full service law firm providing excellent service in many areas of law and counseling.  

In 1990, Gregg Zegarelli, formerly associated with one of the largest firms in the City of Pittsburgh, started Zegarelli Associates, PC, the predecessor of The Zegarelli Law Group.  

The formal name of The Zegarelli Law Group is Technology & Entrepreneurial Ventures Law Group, PC, or TEV Law Group, PC.  The firm is branded around the name of Gregg Zegarelli, the founding attorney.

Areas of Concentration.

As the name suggests, the firm concentrates in entrepreneurial and business ventures, with many of those ventures doing business in the technology industry.  The practice was developed around business law and consulting at all levels, including business formation, protection of assets, leasing and real estate ventures, and intellectual property.  In general, strategy, protection and implementation of business plans at all levels.  The firm's client list includes fast-growing INC. 500 companies, public companies, and closely-held companies.  The firm acts as "special counsel" for other attorneys and is even corporate counsel for other law firms.

In addition to the business law underpinnings of the firm, the firm regularly performs legal services by protecting the rights of its clients in Federal and state courts.  Because the attorneys in the firm have valuable experience in court, we believe it adds significant value to the services rendered for business deals; we understand how to write the deal for you, and how to protect it for you if needed in court.

Although some clients would say our firm is a "boutique" business/transactional law firm, we actually also regularly assist our clients with "general practice" legal issues such as their Last Will and Testament, home sales/purchases and lease issues.  These areas are merely natural extension of business and wealth planning mechanisms.  We do not generally advertise these areas as a matter of market focus, but we regularly perform services in these areas with all the excellence our clients have come to expect from us.

Additional Areas.

Although we do not generally market certain legal services, we do perform in certain areas in circumstances.  Certain attorneys in the firm have more general practice backgrounds and will accept engagements in certain areas of their respective competencies.  For example, the firm will accept certain cases for certain preferred clients, such as family matters such as divorces and family property settlements, as well as personal injury.  So, always check with us before taking a personal injury or consumer law matter to another firm.

In all we do, we deliver excellence.  You should expect it.  We expect to deliver it.

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Upper St. Clair Administrative and Postal Office (All Post):
2585 Washington Road, Suite 134
• Summerfield Commons Office Park
Pittsburgh, PA  15241-2565 USA

Pittsburgh Office (No Post):
301 Grant Street, Suite 4300 • One Oxford Centre
Pittsburgh, PA 15219-1407 USA

For best response, please use email, info@zegarelli.com
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Legacy Voice: 412.833.0600
Legacy Fax: 412.833.0601

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