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Entrepreneurial Spirit® 20160207 FTC Advertising Guidelines
Entrepreneurial Spirit® 20160103 Crowdfunding
Entrepreneurial Spirit® 20140622 Washington Redskins Trademark
Entrepreneurial Spirit® 20140526 Under God in the Pledge of Allegiance
Entrepreneurial Spirit® 20131229 Bitcoins, Self-Publishing, Aesop for Business, Revenge Porn and Selfies, LLLC
People's Right to Sue Casino Upheld Litman v. Cannery Casino Upheld
Snooping Snooping
Stand for America®-Holmes and His Imbeciles (.htm) Stand for America-Holmes and His Imbeciles (.pdf)
Entrepreneurial Spirit® 20110820 FTC v. Ashton Kutcher
Entrepreneurial Spirit® 20110420 iPhone Snooping (.pdf)
Entrepreneurial Spirit® 20110420 Facebook Instant Personalization
Stand for America® The Chinese-American War (.pdf)
Stand for America® The Great Masquerade
Stand for America® Message to Garcia
Entrepreneurial Spirit 20100429 Arbitration, Integration Clauses, Anti-Paparazzi Law, The Zegarelli Commentary: The Monetary Sweat Standard-Part II
Entrepreneurial Spirit® 20091227
Stand for America®
2010 New Year Resolution: I Stand for America
Entrepreneurial Spirit® 20090917 Branding, Gun Control, Stop and Identify Laws, The Zegarelli Commentary: The Monetary Sweat Standard
Entrepreneurial Spirit® 20080824 Trademarks
00-04-29 Press Release COPPA Computer Law
97-02 Update 1996 Tax Update, World Wide Web
96-12 Update Corporate structure
95-12 Update Franchising
95-10 Update Sales Taxes
95-04 Update Getting Investors, Business Entity Risk Table
94-03 Press Release Chicago office opens
94-12 Update The Team, Client Directory, Checkmark Service
94-09 Update PA Tax Law Revision, Contractor Payment Act
94-01 Update PA Plain Meaning Law
93-08 Update General office information