The Business of Aesop 


Master Index

Episode No. 1.  Power of Persuasion.  The North Wind and the Sun.  Persuasion is more powerful than force.

Episode No. 4.  Support the Team.  The Donkey and the Mule.  Helping others helps yourself.

Episode No. 8.  Big Ideas.  Belling the Cat.  Ideas must succeed through actual implementation.

Episode No. 15.  Burning Bridges.  Lion and the Mouse.  A kindness is never wasted, each friend is of value.  Don't burn bridges, as your life journey may find yourself with a chasm to cross.

Episode No. 21.  Going It Alone. The Two Travelers and the Purse.  If we claim to be alone with our fortune, then we should be alone with our misfortune.

Episode No. 85.  Loving the Deal.  Lion in Love.  Love is the beginning of folly.

Episode No. 90.  Hiring on Hope. The Cat-Maiden.  Sooner or later, core nature will reveal itself.



The Business of Aesop is a series of short articles and newsletters by Gregg Zegarelli, Esq. applying the principles of Aesop to a business context.  Copyright © Gregg Zegarelli 2015.  All rights reserved. The fable summaries are excerpts from The Essential Aesop: For Business, Managers, Writers and Professional Speakers, Print 978-0-9899299-1-2, eBook 978-0-9899299-3-6, by Arnold Zegarelli and Gregg Zegarelli, Esq., Copyright © 2013.  All rights reserved.