Athlete's Game Directive

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Athlete’s Game Directive


I, [Name], athlete and player in the [National Football League], hereby freely and voluntarily state my following desire and directive, after having the ability to seek professional counseling and advice:


In the event of my death, dismemberment, or other injury or condition, which might be the cause for a termination, cancellation, suspension, or other cessation of any game in which I am a player or in which I would otherwise be participating[1], I desire and direct that the game in question be continued in my absence, irrespective of whether my condition was caused in accordance with or in violation of the rules of the game. 


The show must go on, and I fondly hope and fervently desire that my condition is not the cause for cessation of the game in the sport to which I and so many other athletes have dedicated our lives, and regarding which so many fans have offered their love and unwavering support. 


Thank you, but don’t stop for me.  Be strong, play on, and move forever forward. 


Witnesses                            Athlete


__________________         __________________




Copyright 2023 Gregg R. Zegarelli, Esq.  This document may be freely replicated, modified and distributed in any form or format.

[1] Optional: (excepting only that period of time during any “time-out” or other period of the game for inspection of my condition on the field in accordance with the gameplay rules)

[2] Notarization optional, if authenticity is a factor